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Briggs Toilet Express

Sku# TWX

Includes everything needed for a quick and easy toilet installation in 1 easy-to-carry carton: 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush) flow rate tank, scored 500 gm (gram) on the MaP (Maximum Achievable Pressure) test, and 14-1/2" H. bowl, plastic seat, wax ring with sleeve, 2 flange bolts, 2 bolt caps, 2 tank-to-bowl bolts and nuts, and easy-to-follow instructions. Slotted rim design. Fully glazed trapway. 12" rough-in. 5 year limited warranty on toilet, 1 year limited warranty on other components. Round bowl. Bowl height: 14-1/2" high. White.

Fall Savings!


Expires 11/30/2018

Available at all participating stores in Missouri and Arkansas